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About ⋆ Sex Toy Store & Lingerie Outlet
Adult Sex Toys – Sexy Lingerie – Est. 1969

About Frenchy’s Adult Sex Toys and Lingerie Store

Sex Toys and Lingerie Santa CruzChoose Frenchy’s for your Santa Cruz adult entertainment needs! Frenchy’s was appropriately established in 1969, the year of free love. Founded in Santa Cruz, California on the beautiful Portola coast line, Frenchy’s has been offering the largest selection of adult toys and adult DVD movies in the Bay Area for over 45

years! New visitors often comment that they have never seen such a selection of sex toys and lingerie under one roof in their entire lives and trust us, we know. While we are not a warehouse, we have the selection of one. The adult sex toy and lingerie selection that is available within one retail outlet is astounding and

there is yet to be a customer not impressed by the sheer volume and selection we offer when it comes to local Santa Cruz adult entertainment.


FREE! PARKING in SANTA CRUZ: Frenchy’s offers free parking for all store patrons. Parking is available on the side and in the back of the store and is monitored by camera 24/7 for your safety.

FREE! V.I.P. MEMBERSHIP: Sign up for your free V.I.P. membership and instantly begin receiving the benefits! Get access to all the latest XXX movie rentals for 3 days with no late fees!

FREE! CUSTOMER ONLY GIFTS: Get a free condom or mini lube with every purchase as a gift from us!


MOVIE ARCADE: Preview the latest XXX porn titles without ever leaving the store in our clean and safe arcade area located to the rear of the DVD aisle. Rent or buy any movie you preview!

DISABLED PATRONS: Being we are a single level building, wheel chair accessibility is readily available for all individuals with physical impairments.

RESTROOMS: We offer one restroom to the far back left of the building inside before the arcades in the adult movie DVD section that has a nostalgic saloon swing door for our patrons. For our female customers requiring more privacy we have a code locked restroom that requires employee assistance to enter. Please inquire at the front desk if you would like to use our private restrooms.

DRESSING ROOM: If you would like to try on costumes or lingerie, Frenchy’s offers the private bathroom as a dressing room for customers. Just ask the clerk at the front desk for access. We ask that no more than three items at a time are taken to the dressing room.

PET FRIENDLY: Frenchy’s is a pet friendly store. We know your pet is like family and we at Frenchy’s like to think of our customers as our family as well. All dogs and cats on a leash are welcome to visit with their parents.