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Code 18 USC 2257 ⋆ Sex Toy Store & Lingerie Outlet
Adult Sex Toys – Sexy Lingerie – Est. 1969

Frenchy’s is Complaint with Code 18 USC 2257

What is Code 18 USC 2257?

Code 18 USC 2257 enforces record keeping to aide with the enforcement of age compliance laws within the pornography and sex industry. Whoever produces any website, book, film, magazine publication, any periodical, videotape or DVD, digital images including JPG PNG GIF,  or computer generated/manipulated image of a human being or engaging in sexual conduct made after NOVEMBER 1, 1990 will retain and maintain records of the identity, sex, and age of all models and/or performers foreign or domestic.

Sexual conduct includes the depiction of sexual conduct being performed. In addition to depiction of sexual conduct, the aiding in the depiction or act is included in the terms for the law.

These identifiable records in compliance with Code 18 USC 2257 include copied documents stating the performer’s name including stage names, aliases, nicknames, birth names , and any other identities used. The performer’s birthdate is to be included in the kept documents.

All the identifiable documents copied and recorded in accordance with The Attorney General of The United States of America must be kept at the physical premise of the entity providing the originally produced media.

All records and documents  in compliance with Code 18 USC 2257 must be readily available and able to be produced to The Attorney General of the United States of America at any given time within a reasonable amount of time as granted via parcel services, facsimile, or Internet email depending on the requested method of proof provisioning.

It is against the law for any person or company to engage in commerce or transfer of media and materials that were produced after November, 1 1990 that do not adhere to the record keeping practices required in Code 18 USC 2257. All commerce entities are required to make sure their supplying producers indeed follow procedure of the code but are not required to prove validity or accuracy of the documents provided by the producers of adult media content.

Any persons involved in non compliance of and or violation of Code 18 USC 2257 shall be fined and imprisoned for no more than five years. Those involved in the violating of the code a second time will be fined and imprisoned for no less than two years but no more than ten years.

While Frenchy’s does not produce it’s own media content or products, we take a strong stance alongside The Attorney General and all laws and codes that ensure lawful practices. Frenchy’s supports the safety of the American public and screens all our product suppliers to help ensure compliance of Code 18 USC 2257. If you ever feel one of our products may be in violation, please contact us immediately so that we may further investigate any possible illegal activity and remove the violating material from our shelves and/or site.

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