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Frenchy’s Refund Policy

Online Purchase Returns and Refunds

We at want our customers to be satisfied with all of our sex toy products, however, there are some important guidelines and policies when it comes to returns and refunds of products from our online store. Please carefully read the procedures to ensure your satisfaction when shopping with us. We hope you can respect our return policies and enjoy your online shopping experience with us. We look forward to your return soon when shopping online with us.

Sex Toys Return Policy

All insertable sex toys can be returned for refund or replacement to Frenchy’s within 30 days of purchase provided they are unused. Insertable sex toys must be returned UNUSED as in not inserted into any body cavity. This policy is in place to protect the public, parcel delivery employees, and our employees. A product that has been used inside a person presents a biohazard and violates federal shipping laws.

We highly suggest testing the products you receive from us with batteries (if applicable) and operation thoroughly before using so that if a defect exists in the product(s), this can be addressed before contamination of the product.

Returning Your Purchase

When returning a product, please include a written note with the product stating what defects the product came with. Also state if you are requesting a replacement or requesting a refund. Send all returns via UPS to the following address with a return address to:

Frenchy’s Cruzin Books and Video c/o RETURNS, 3960 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz, CA 95062